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I choose me; I'm sorry.

afrofuturism consumer behavior culture studies May 13, 2022


Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

Kendrick Lamar

Two albums of 9 songs each
18 songs, 1 Hour, 13 Minutes


Notes from Sabrina Whittaker:


United in Greif:


I hope you find some peace in this life. Tell them the truth. I hope you find some paradise. Tell them your reality. The beat is eclectic and reminiscent of Bebop.

Waste and gluttony: infinity pools he never swam in - I grieve differently: Tell a story of grief. We all grieve differently.

Motivated by grief.




The market is crashing, and the industry won.

Done with the black and the white, the wrong and the right.

You outta pocket: funny story about this phrase, misunderstanding at the office.

What community feel like they're the only ones relevant?
What the fuck is cancel culture?
Oh, you worried 'bout a critic? That ain't protocol.


Worldwide Steppers:


Kodak introduction

I'm a killer; she's a killer, we're killers, bitch - walking zombies.

Where do I come from? (in Ghana ahead of his album release)

Is it ethical to serve high blood pressure caused by traditional African American food when we've learned of its adverse effects on the body?

Kendrick is a flawed individual that has fought his own battles, such as asking if he's a racist and whether he's a bad person for attacking their confidence.

Dead or in jail? Killer psychology. Mainstream white culture has ironically killed freedom of speech because it refuses to negotiate.

Choosing a corporate career does not prevent murder by capitalism; it only appears to do so because it kills you more slowly.


Die Hard:


I pop the pain away - I slide the pain away.

I hope I'm not too late to set my demons straight. I hope you see the good in me. I see it, Kendrick, and I'm inspired to share a human story for the benefit of Black and Brown bodies I'll never meet. Thank you.

Ain't no saving face this time...

I know I made you wait, but how much can you take? I hope you see the God in me. Listen to me when I say this - Fuck religion. God is love, and he must live inside of you. Pray to the universe or whatever you need to, but don't allow self-hate and perfectionism to overtake you.


Father Time:


sore losers forever!
tough love, no chaser
this is me, no chaser
be insensitive - stocism

"daddy issues" kept me competitive.

"gangsta" culture manifests uncommon beliefs and represents a general lack of direction in Black culture.


Rich (interlude):


Who knew I'd be Kodak?

Respect comes first. You can't be better than the O.G.s. You've gotta come from somewhere. What are you doing with Kendrick? Now, look at this shit. We own property.


Rich Spirit:


Celebrity does not mean integrity.

Stop playing with me before I turn you into a song.
Bitch I'm attractive. I can't fuck with you no more; I'm fasting.

I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't give this shit away. I would never live my life on a computer. Love them from a distance. Rich nigga, broke phone.

Kendrick has inspired me to criticize Black culture, not because it is terrible, but because I love it. Black culture deserves honest critics, so community members develop a clearer sense of self.

You are not who they say you are. You are yourself. So, tell us who you are because I would love to hear your story for one.


We Cry Together:


You love a pity party - I won't show up.
Heterosexual couple arguing 2022
PTSD from First Marriage - Give me my fucking keys - Shannon's story

Fuck me; Nah, you playin', but then they do - stop tap dancin' around the conversation.


Purple Hearts:


Note: Crown of Thorns on the Album Cover

I know y'all love it when the drugs talkin' but shut the fuck up when you hear God talkin', so shut the fuck up when you hear the prophet talking.

I'm in the human business. - me too, Kendrick.

"I hate it here... gettin' head on the balcony" - relatable.

I cannot conform.

I think I love you still, but I love myself more.

The world's in the twilight zone - I've seen tragedy.
We're killing grief and homelessness.

Shut the fuck up when you hear love talkin' - If God be the source...


Count Me Out:

We may not know which way to go on this dark road.
Got guilt and shame - I care too much, I share too much.

This time around, I trust myself.

If I didn't learn to love myself and forgive myself a hundred times... I love when you count me out.

If you're looking for the fall off, it won't come.
Fuck it up! Fuck it up! Fuck it up! Fucking it up!






Love comes and goes with the seasons, and you can't please everybody, so promise to keep the music in rotation.

That's what I call love - because they don't know.

I can't please everybody.
love's gonna get you killed
I can't even please myself
I shoulda want something else...

I can't please everybody.


Silent Hill:


Why you keep fucking with me? You gon' make me jump out my skin. I'm pushing off bitches, fakes, and snakes like...

You can't hide behind your money, dawg.

Don't worry about us; we're good.

Savior (interlude):


Your sense of self is based on the bad things that have happened to you.

I can't be your savior. I'm good, love.

People have trouble imagining the reality of human morality at the individual level, so they expect themselves from others. Don't be fooled into thinking others must conform to your sense of morality, no matter how closely their values appear to align with yours.




Kendrick made you think about it, but he is not your savior
Cole made you feel empowered, but he is not your savior
Future said get a money counter, but he is not your savior
Bron made you give [him] his flowers, but he is not your savior

I like when they're pro-Black, but I'm more Kodak Black.

For context: 

In January 2017, Kodak Black broadcast an Instagram Live video of himself in a Washington, D.C. hotel room with several other men, while a lone woman performed oral sex on them. Kodak Black's Instagram account hit a record high during the broadcast.[72] The rapper later posted a message on Twitter about the incident reading "If I could change I swear I would .. I tried everything but I'm just so hood."

In April 2019, he garnered controversy when he offered to "wait" to have sexual relations with Lauren London, the girlfriend of late rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was shot and killed a few days beforehand. Kodak Black said he would "give her a whole year" if she "might need a whole year to be crying and shit for him." He received immediate backlash for these comments.

Are you happy for me?

They like to wonder where I've been. - Protecting my soul in a valley of silence.

Are you happy for me?


Auntie Diaries:


This is how we conceptualize human beings.

My auntie is a man now. I think I'm old enough to understand now. I'm proud, so why people hate him so much?

Note: Kendrick weaves back and forth in his use of pronouns when describing his aunt, who has become a man.

We say to accept one another, but what does it look like to be tolerant? What if they're "wrong"?

He says his auntie is a man now, and it hurts, but that he chooses humanity over religion.


Mr. Morale:


It was one of the worst performances I've ever seen in my life! [Kendrick wakes from a nightmare]

Every thought is creative, sometimes I'm afraid of my open mind.

Who keeps 'em honest? US
Who stay in alignment? US

Using violence to cover what really happened.

I'm sacrificing myself to start the healing.

Hydrate, it's time to heal.

Capitalism consumes souls and feeds on unhappiness. Don't allow it to steal your joy.

Mother I Sober:


One man standing on two words, heal everybody.
Only 5 - my first tough decision. I told y'all I was christian, but not today.

My mother's mother. You ain't felt grief 'til you've felt it sober.

I remember looking in the mirror knowing I was gifted.

I wish I was somebody. Anybody but myself.

Kendrick suffered from sex addiction due to trauma.

They raped our mothers and our sisters, and taught us how to rape each other.

Free my mother
Free my cousin
Free our children
Free your abusers

You did it. I'm proud of you.
You broke a generational curse.

Say thank you,


Before I go, love me for me - I bear my soul, and now you're free. I choose me.




I choose me; I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I didn't save the world because I was rebuilding mine.