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You’re low on money, overworked, and on a tight schedule where you do lots of things you hate and very few things you enjoy. You don’t know how to break free. You feel heavily oppressed by the country you live in and misunderstood by the people you work with, so you treat yourself with soaps, creams, and new shoes whenever your money’s up. One evening after returning home from work, you grab a drink, increase your music's volume, and say to yourself, “tomorrow will be better”, but will it?

There are about 22 million Black women in the U.S., and I probably don’t have to tell you they’re more likely to be their family's breadwinner than other women in the United States. Before the pandemic, it took about 75k/year for Americans to report feeling happy with their life; so, with an average income of 45k/year, being a Black woman is absolutely a tough gig.

Some would say it’s a miracle that any of us survive, but that too is by design – everyone can’t be the CEO, someone has to be the employee.


  • Did you know that just 4.4% of C-suite executives are Black and that only 5.7% of Marketing Managers are Black?


  • Or that only 2% of Black women have postgraduate degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM), more than twice as many as Black men.


Stop for a moment. Do you truly understand what that means for media and messaging?

If you continue to look outward for a sense of self, you won’t find it. If you expect the people on television to show you how to live, you won’t understand your situation. If you avoid developing systems, your finances will be a leaky bucket. We use consumption to shape our identities because we wish we were anyone, but ourselves. But what if we didn't need to buy things to feel good?


What if we chose ourselves instead?


Yes, I understand you think you don’t have time, but every cent spent towards preparation makes you a dollar, and every minute spent organizing saves you an hour of work. And...

Lean in close for this one - if you truly believe “big business” is out to get you, then why work for and buy from big businesses more frequently than from and for a community you respect?

And I know you have already begun to realize that - which is why so many of us decide to look within. We start businesses, post motivational quotes, and book photoshoots - but that’s not enough to sustain you.

Instead, you must document your circumstances to create a baseline for growth, and that baseline must be an honest assessment of who and where you are.


Do you know who you are?


The businesses that sell to you do.


If you take nothing else from this page, I hope you carry this message to a Black woman living in the United States:

You must boldly and presently choose yourself because effective salesmen are empowered by fear and low confidence. Be something else.

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"Working with Sabrina has been such an amazing experience! She motivates me to be better within my business! She’s a breath of fresh air! She radiates so much positivity when I am around her! She’s very knowledgeable, relatable, & HIGHLY dependable! I love working with Sabrina & I trust her expertise when it comes to developing my business."

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"Sabrina’s enthusiasm to help/teach other businesswomen to create and grow their dreams of a successful business is truly motivating. All in all, a great coach! Her content is raw and insightful. You can see her willingness and expertise through the words she speaks."

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If nothing you've tried so far is working, let's talk about a solution. Instead of relying on big business to help, hire a freelance business consultant that understands your needs, and commit to doing what it takes to help your business survive and grow.

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"Sabrina is passionate about helping others bring their vision to life. An organizational guru, if you will. She’s kind, patient, and an overall great voice of reason. By offering insightful POVs, she provides a service incomparable to others in her field."

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"Sabrina has helped me pave the road to success by creating a personalized course for my specific needs. […] I’ve learned better habits, maintained a [content] schedule for my blog, and organized my life as a mom."

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