The Creator's Guidebook to Online Publishing

Unlock Your Publishing Dreams!

Are you a passionate writer looking to step confidently into the world of self-publishing? Let the Creator's Guidebook to Online Publishing be your trusty companion on this journey.

What you'll get:


  • 12 Undated Months: Each month is meticulously crafted to help you keep track of your progress.
  • Indexed Table of Contents: An organized overview to swiftly navigate through the planner.
  • Hyperlinked Calendars: Weekly pages linked to monthly overviews for seamless planning.
  • Yearly Overview: A holistic glance at your writing and publishing milestones.
  • Goal Planning Worksheet: Define, refine, and reach your writing and publishing goals.


But that's not all...

Stop procrastinating and start writing with guide pages tailored for bookworms who love reading and writing.


  • Getting Started: Step-by-step guide to begin your self-publishing journey.
  • Limiting Beliefs: Overcome barriers and face your writing and publishing fears.
  • The Process for Action: Move from thought to action with a clear roadmap.
  • The Action Loop: Stay consistent and engaged with your publishing goals.
  • Action Priority Matrix: Learn to prioritize tasks for maximum productivity.
  • Logs & Reviews: Maintain a Reading Log, Writing Log, and Book Review section for reflection and growth.
  • Scratch Paper & Blank Notes: Your space to jot down spontaneous ideas or detailed plans.
  • The Self-Publishing Process: Demystifying every step to getting your words into the world.
  • Find Your Community: Direct links to free communities to network, share, and grow.
  • Build the Right System: A link to our project management blog details how to transform your thoughts into published content.
  • Marketing & Content Guidance: From crafting the perfect blog to impactful social media posts and emails, we have your back.
  • 12-Month Example Schedule: A guideline to plan, create, and publish consistently over the year.

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Transform Your Writing Dreams Into Published Reality

Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, The Creator's Guidebook to Online Publishing offers the resources, guidance, and motivation to bring your stories to the world. And if at any point you need specialized help, our "start a project" links connect you directly with our expert agency team.


Don't wait. Begin your publishing journey with confidence today.



Disclaimer & Usage Instructions for The Creator's Guidebook to Online Publishing
(Let's call it The Creator's Guide, for short)


Disclaimer: Please read the following before making your purchase. By making this purchase, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.


 1. Required Software: This digital planner is delivered in .PDF format. To enjoy the full functionality of "The Creator's Guidebook to Online Publishing," you'll need a .PDF editing software, which is not included with this purchase. We recommend the GoodNotes app, a .pdf editor available on Windows, Macintosh, iOS, and Android. Please note that GoodNotes for Android is exclusively available for 8-inch or larger Samsung tablets with at least 3GB of memory.

2. Optimal Devices: It's recommended that you use this digital planner on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer for the best experience.

3. Undated Format: If you're someone who prefers dated planners, please be aware that "The Creator's Guidebook to Online Publishing" comes in an undated format, allowing for more flexible planning.



Usage Instructions:


Downloading the Guidebook:
1. After purchase, you'll receive an email containing a link to your digital planner. Click on the hyperlinked text, "The Creator's Guidebook to Online Publishing," to initiate the download.
2. Once downloaded, save the file to a convenient location on your device.


Adding to GoodNotes (or any PDF reader of your choice):

1. Launch the GoodNotes app.
2. Tap on the "+" sign located, usually at the top or bottom of your screen, and select "Import."
3. Navigate to the location where you saved the .pdf file.
4. Select "The Creator's Guidebook to Online Publishing.pdf" from the list to add it to your GoodNotes library.


 Refund Policy: Our digital planner, The Creator's Guidebook to Online Publishing, will be delivered to you after purchase via email. As this is a digital product, and the purchaser will be in possession of the product immediately after purchase, we must enforce a strict no-refund policy.


Happy Planning!



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