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PSC for Artists

Your Writing Journey Simplified

Craft. Connect. Conquer.

Problem Solve Confidently is a training course for writers designed to empower you with the tools and mindset to achieve extraordinary success in all aspects of your life, especially online publishing. 

Inside, you'll find lessons tailored to propel your online publishing journey and arm you with both the mindset and tools for unparalleled success.

Join to explore proven strategies that guide you to streamline your creative process, preemptively tackle potential issues, and step-by-step guidance ensuring each written piece shines bright and true.


What You'll Get:


  • 19 Comprehensive Lessons: videos and written explanations covering the process of building and maintaining an online presence, so you feel confident publishing upon completion.

  • Tech Mastery: live and pre-recorded tutorials demonstrating how to take advantage of your notes using online tools and productivity apps.

  • Exclusive Resources: over 20 pages of downloadable guides, crafted to nurture and champion your growth as a writer and creative soul.


What You'll Learn:


Every writer knows the thrill of birthing an idea, but not all understand the intricacies of navigating the online publishing maze. The path is riddled with potential pitfalls, from ideation missteps to post-publication regrets. If that sounds like a nightmare, discover the blueprint for publishing success with Problem Solve Confidently.

Dive into a course meticulously crafted for ambitious writers like you. Unearth a goldmine of strategies and hands-on tactics that decode the online publishing ecosystem. Imagine being able to streamline your creative journey, anticipate challenges, and preemptively tackle them.

With this course, you'll master the art of effective planning, robust review mechanisms and gain the skill to convert every problem into an opportunity. No more second-guessing, no more feeling lost amidst the digital chaos.

So, get ready to unlock the secrets of confidently navigating the digital publishing world, ensuring each piece you produce not only sees the light of day but also shines its brightest.

Embrace your destiny as an online publishing powerhouse today.


Course Objectives


  • Capture Literary Ideas: Jot down and structure your creative thoughts, transforming broad writing goals into concise, achievable steps for online publishing.

  • Engage and Reflect: Complete writing tasks and periodically revisit lessons, ensuring a deep understanding and continuous improvement in your publishing journey.

  • Test Your Publishing Acumen: Take mini-quizzes designed to gauge your grasp of essential online publishing concepts.

  • Strategic Writing Goal-Setting: Dive deep into critical thinking for goal formulation and thorough planning, optimizing your path to online publication.

  • Equip & Adapt: Arm yourself with digital tools and a resilient mindset tailored for the ever-evolving online publishing landscape.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Boost your writing and publishing confidence by leveraging data-backed insights, ensuring every piece you publish resonates with your target audience.


What You'll Accomplish:


Build a Fluid System

We understand that time constraints, a lack of experience, focus, or discipline may be holding you back from realizing your full potential. That's why this training course teaches you how to create a fluid system robust enough to handle significant projects (like your WIP) and flexible enough to accommodate constant changes – enabling you to excel both personally and professionally.


Develop a Journaling Habit

In Problem Solve Confidently, you'll learn how to harness the transformative power of journaling. Keeping track of your thoughts, ideas, and progress will provide you with clarity, better understanding of your thought processes, and the ability to make more effective decisions – all essential for personal and professional development, and perfect for editing.


Plan Projects with S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Discover how to set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (S.M.A.R.T.) goals for your projects. This proven technique helps you break down complex tasks into manageable steps, allowing you to stay focused on what matters most and achieve your objectives with unshakable confidence.


Craft and Execute on a Vision

Learn how to document pain points, craft a vision of success, and execute on your vision with precision. This training course helps you prioritize your goals, allocate your resources effectively, and stay committed to your publishing dreams – setting you on a path to unparalleled success in your personal and professional life.


Explore Problem Solving and Decision Making

Within the training course, you'll review the criticality of effective and efficient problem-solving while writing and editing and learn how to leverage it to your advantage. You'll also practice identifying available solutions and taking action on the best fit for your circumstance. No more second-guessing yourself or your writing – you'll be making confident choices that drive you forward.


Become the Creative Force You're Meant to Be!

By the end of Problem Solve Confidentlyyou'll feel an undeniable surge in confidence, ready to tackle challenges across all facets of your writer's life – from the drafting table to the publisher's desk. Gear up for the unparalleled joy of conquering obstacles, bringing your literary dreams to life, and embarking on a journey of unmatched success and fulfillment.


What People Are Saying:

Sabrina’s enthusiasm to help/teach other businesswomen to create and grow their dreams of a successful business is truly motivating. All in all, a great coach! Her content is raw and insightful. You can see her willingness and expertise through the words she speaks.

Berennice R.

Sabrina is passionate about helping others bring their vision to life. An organizational guru, if you will. She’s kind, patient, and an overall great voice of reason. By offering insightful POVs, she provides a service incomparable to others in her field.

Leighanna L.