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Please enjoy these photos; each collection represents an aspect of Sabrina's personality and professional background.

The photos are currently arranged in descending order, where the first collection represents her most recently shared project.

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"Gil Scott-Heron said the revolution would not be televised – but here we are finding new and unexpected ways to document love as an act of rebellion against individualism practiced by a desensitized population at the expense of dehumanized minority ethnic groups."

- Sabrina Whittaker

"All of the research I’ve performed built upon ideas of humanity and civility. It begged the question of what makes a culture or society civilized and what makes them barbaric? What is murder? What can be said to be acceptable when done for religion? Sacrifice? Conquest? The societies we have built, as well as the cultures we have created, reflect our place in space and time. It presents an image of what is important to us."

- Sabrina Whittaker

Sabrina Whittaker's Thought Museum

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