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How to Work on a Project


Take a developmental approach to project management, from start to finish.

The suite of products offered by are affectionally nicknamed "Cultivate Your Vibe" in honor of our tagline. 

This monthly consulting retainer provides you with guidance and support through each stage of the project lifecycle, from conception to delivery. So, how does it work?

In every entrepreneurial journey there comes a time when you realize you need help. You're facing some big project that's deadlocking progress on your business. In How to Work on a Project, you and Sabrina will solidify your business's strategy during weekly consulting sessions. During these sessions, business owners will have the opportunity to work on anything from launching an eBook to building the next social media platform.

A monthly consulting retainer ensures you have uninterrupted access to an award-winning content writer and expert in business analytics. You'll be shown how to think critically about strategy and content management to pivot your business's course towards success.

The course covers each phase of the project:

  • starting
  • planning
  • execution
  • completion

So, here's what you'll get:

  • You'll receive access to live and pre-recorded video lectures to assist with the development of you and your business.

  • The subscription service provides for more than just lectures - we are there to help with problems and strategic issues. 

  • Be sure to book your pre-paid consulting session each week to get the 1:1 help you need to get things down.

  • We also offer consulting hours so you can discuss the challenges affecting your business this month.

So, instead of continuing to feel overwhelmed and unsure if you'll make ends meet - choose to understand the process of managing large projects and step into the office with ease. We're here to show "How to Work on a Project".

This monthly consulting retainer and membership covers everything you need to know about managing a large project—from inception to delivery.

For less than $17 a day, you’ll get:

  • Welcome Session
  • Introductory Documentation
  • Membership to the Business Development and Content Writing for Black Entrepreneurs community 
  • Monthly Access to New and Exclusive Content Inside Our Community
  • Additional Relevant Digital Resources
  • Personalized Feedback and Analysis
  • Free Calendar Bookings
  • 48-hour Business Day Response Time
  • Our Entrepreneurial Mindset Workbook
  • Our Habit Tracking for Success Workbook
  • Live phone/text support

So, maybe you're always running out of time or no matter what you try, you can't seem to figure out why products aren't selling.

No worries, Sabrina can help!

True to our boutique heritage, our consulting program is tailored to each student, so if you value diverse perspectives during decision-making and need personalized attention, this is the service for you.

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Want to talk about it?

Book a free consultation with Sabrina Whittaker to see if you’re a good fit for our project management service.

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What People Are Saying:

Sabrina has helped me pave the road to success by creating a personalized course for my specific needs. […] I’ve learned better habits, maintained a [content] schedule for my blog, and organized my life as a mom.

Samantha P.

Our chat reignited my creative brainstorming, and I’ve made good progress in further defining my target audience and carving out a better-defined niche.

Monica G.

Sabrina is self-motivated and gives GREAT advice! I love her energy and versatility. I would describe her as youthful, energetic, and bright; she oozes positivity. More importantly, she’s easy to work with and always has something constructive to add to the conversation.

Monique G.

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