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Sabrina Whittaker is a Writer and Business Analyst based in Jacksonville, Florida.


Would you like to start or grow marketing and operations for your business?

I'm Sabrina Whittaker, and I help businesses plan and execute profitable projects, empowering them to change the world through art, culture, and social engagement. Come to me for help with content writing and business analysis.

You'll love that I've got a decade of experience in technology and a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (Business and Culture), as well as certifications and a minor in Digital Marketing and Analytics. 

The purpose of this site is to communicate my expertise in business analytics and passion for creating a more equitable, socially conscious, data-driven world. So, thank you for stopping by today; I hope you enjoy your visit to Sabrina Whittaker's Thought Museum.



Sabrina Whittaker

An Exercise in Storytelling


The portfolio of work housed within this site represents the culmination of Sabrina's professional efforts and is an exercise in converting raw data into information through storytelling. Some content reflects her commitment to helping businesses grow more profitable, such as sharing curated knowledge and resources that promote efficient and effective business practices.

Other content reflects Sabrina’s interest in creating content that relates today’s experiences to the social, economic, and political history of the United States. It is worth noting that as trends and the needs of businesses change, so will the direction of her career. The constant undercurrent, however, is Sabrina’s dedication to helping companies make informed decisions. If these ideals align with your own, take a few minutes to look around because this platform exists for you. 


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The Guidance You Need to Build a Successful Business

Sabrina Whittaker is also the founder of Orchids Octopi LLC, a boutique creative agency that primarily serves woman-owned or minority-led creative companies seeking to complete a new project, improve productivity, increase profits, or develop their confidence. 

Her business consulting style combines business analysis with cultural studies to promote professional development and profit growth.

If you'd like to view examples of Sabrina's work, take your time navigating through this website.

Alternatively, visit Sabrina Whittaker on LinkedIn to learn about her passion for people and background in technology and business operations.

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Monica G.

“Our chat reignited my creative brainstorming, and I’ve made good progress in further defining my target audience and carving out a better-defined niche.”

Samantha P.

Sabrina has helped me pave the road to success by creating a personalized course for my specific blogging needs. […] I’ve learned better habits, maintained a [content] schedule for my blog, and organized my life as a mom.

She always tells me “Later is not a real time”. Working with Sabrina has brought joy and continues to bring success.

Monique G.

Sabrina is self-motivated and gives GREAT advice! I love her energy and versatility.

I would describe her as youthful, energetic, and bright; she oozes positivity. More importantly, she’s easy to work with and always has something constructive to add to the conversation.

One moment she’s helping you start a business, and the next, she’s encouraging you to love yourself. She’s truly a breath of fresh air!

Interested in Working Together? 

You can trust Sabrina Whittaker to deliver thoroughly-researched solutions. Deliverables conform to industry standards for business and technology, and reflect an interest in improving socioeconomic conditions in the United States.

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