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Sabrina Whittaker is a Writer, Designer, and Business Analyst based in Jacksonville, Florida.

I'm Sabrina Whittaker, and I am a technical writer and user experience designer who helps people plan and execute creative projects, empowering them to change the world through art, culture, and social engagement.

The purpose of this site is to communicate my love of writing, expertise in business analytics, and passion for creating a more equitable, socially conscious, data-driven world. 

You'll love that I've got a decade of experience in technology and a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (Business and Culture), as well as certifications and a minor in Digital Marketing and Analytics. 

Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio. I hope my work inspires you.

An Exercise in Storytelling


Welcome to Sabrina's portfolio, which is designed to display her work and highlight her deep engagement with user experience design and related fields. This site is an exercise in transforming raw data into compelling narratives that inform and enhance user interaction and business strategies. 

Sabrina's work draws connections between contemporary user experiences and the broader social, economic, and political landscapes of the United States to enrich her content with thoughtful context. As industry trends evolve and business needs shift, she adapts her focus to ensure that her work remains relevant and impactful.

Ultimately, you'll find that at the core of Sabrina's portfolio is her unwavering dedication to aiding people and companies in making informed decisions that prioritize user needs and business goals. If you share these values, please explore further to see how Sabrina's expertise can align with your objectives.

Interested in Working Together?

If you'd like to view examples of Sabrina's work, take your time navigating through her design portfolio or visit her on LinkedIn.

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